Have you ever tried to show a 3D Movie with your theater equipment, but it just didn’t work?  That’s because you tried to produce a 3D Movie with equipment intended to produce a 2D Movie.  And that simply won’t work.  In order to produce a 3D Movie you need a special movie screen (called a silver surface screen), 3D DVD Player, 3D Projector and a special accessory for that 3D projector.  If you don’t have all of this equipment you will not be able to achieve the 3D effect on your movie screen.


Party Train Entertainment has all of this equipment and we have made it mobile so it can come right to your campus.  In fact, Party Train Entertainment is the only company in the United States that can offer a mobile 3D Movie Production.  There is simply no other entertainment company touring college

campuses with the technology to produce an authentic 3D Movie Experience on your campus.  You can’t miss out on this incredible programming opportunity that is only available through Party Train Entertainment!!


Make your movie night complete with freshly popped popcorn and snow cones!!


24' Truss Supported Movie Screen (wide screen format)

2000 Lumens  3D HD Projector

HD 3D Blu-Ray Player

8000 Watt Sound System

200 or 400 Pair 3D Glasses 

Pre-Show Music Video

Program Time - Single or Double Feature

Program Location - Indoor Venue Only

Space Requirement - 40’L x 26’W x 21’H

Power Requirement - 3 20 Amp Circuits

2 Student Helpers

Party Train Entertainment Movie Productions offer outdoor movies to the standards that film makers intended their films to be experienced with a picture that is bright and crisp and a sound that has warmth and clarity.

Party Train Entertainment is committed to providing quality entertainment at a fair and affordable price for large universities and small community colleges alike

"The Quality Entertainment You're Asking For..."


Office Hours: 9am - 5pm

Monday - Friday

Office: 865-539-4593

Fax: 865-671-9489

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