College is about making memories and the goofier the moment the better.  And there are not many things more goofier than jumping up into a Big Red Chair that makes you look like you're just a little kid.  Even the biggest guy will look like a small child sitting in this chair. Add a costume from the wardrode provided (hats, boas, leis, beads, sunglasses, etc.) and the moment gets even sillier.  The more dramatic or crazier the pose the better!!  And voila you just made a priceless memory.


Big Red Chair Photos are perfect as a combo with Inflatable Games, Laser Tag, Knockerball, Mobile T-Shirt Shop, Personalized Tumblers, Personalized Croakies or Koozies, etc. for Welcome Week, Fall Fest, Homecoming, Winter Fest, Spring Fest or any event where you want your students to have some good old fashioned fun.

Program Description: 


Students dress up in hats, leis, boas, beads, sunglasses, etc. to make the picture a little more fun


Then they jump up into the Big Red Chair and strike a pose


The vibrant full color photo is printed out and placed inside a sparkle colored magnet easel frame


Program Time - 3 or 4 hours

Program Location - Indoors or Outdoors (Under a Tent) 

Space Requirement - 10' x 10' Area 

Power Requirement - 2 20 Amp Circuits

2 - Six or Eight Foot Tables 

1 - Trash Receptacle

2 - Student Assistants

Big Chair Photos are sold in sets of 150, 175, 200, 225 etc. 

Party Train Entertainment is committed to providing quality entertainment at a fair and affordable price for large universities and small community colleges alike

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