College girls love bling!!  For many, the more bling the better!!  And Photo Key Chains with Bling gives them lots and lots of what they want -- BLING!!  Add that they get to dress up like a DIVA with hats, boas and sunglasses and strike their best DIVA pose and it just became a priceless moment for them. And priceless moments are what college is all about!!

Program Description:


Students dress up in a costume to make the picture a little more fun (hats, boas, leis, beads, sunglasses, etc.)


Then they strike a pose


The camera clicks and a vibrant full color photo with realistic flesh tone color faces emerges


The students then choose a key chain (purple rhinestones, pink rhinestones, black rhinestones or plain with no rhinestones)


The hosting organization can advertise their event on the backside of the key chain (Welcome Back Bash, Fall Fest, etc.)


Program Time - 3 or 4 hours

Program Location - Indoors or Outdoors (Under a Tent) 

Space Requirement - 10' x 10' Area 

Power Requirement - 1 20 Amp Circuit

4 - Six or Eight Foot Tables 

1 - Trash Receptacle

2 - Student Assistants

Key Chains are sold in sets of 150, 175, 200, 225 etc. 

Party Train Entertainment is committed to providing quality entertainment at a fair and affordable price for large universities and small community colleges alike

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