Participants first dip their hand in soapy, icy water.  Next they make the peace sign, love sign, a fist or other design and dip their hand multiple times into soothing hot wax. Through this process a thick wax shell is created.  When cooled the wax shell is removed and participants then have the option of dipping the wax replica of their hand into any of the colored waxes.


Most Wax Hands programs stop at this point.  Once the wax replica is dipped into the color wax the experience is over.  But it’s NOT over with our Wax Hands.  Now the real fun begins!!


Participants take their Wax Hand to the creativity table where they find nail polish so they can polish their wax nails.  They also find glitter glue, rhinestones and other sparkly gems to bedazzle their creation.  There are huge diamond rings, princess wands and roses to make their creation sparkle.  And the finishing touch is all different types of fabrics and boas to make the perfect bracelet. It’s amazing how much fun participants have at the creativity table!!


So the next time you think that all Wax Hands programs are the same – think again.

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